It is true to say that furniture is the soul of a home. It gives life and colour to any place. For this reason, people who prefer to live in a well decorated environment know that when it comes to choosing the right furniture, a number of aspects should be considered. Here we refer both to style and colour, which play an important role in creating of a pleasant state of mind of the beholder. Although, furniture material is no less important, since it can add to originality, comfort, elegance and luxury.

For furniture assembling Primobil-Lux SRL uses tested and high-quality raw materials only. We have a large catalogue of materials such as melamine faced chipboard, EEGGER, Kronospan, Kronopol, CLEAF, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), and various materials for decorative elements such as bamboo, rattan, leather, glass and mirror.

Nevertheless, chipboard (also referred to as particle board or low density fibreboard - LDF) is one of the most widely used materials for furniture manufacturing. Some time ago it started to substitute hardwood in many pieces of furniture. However, if we speak of chipboard furniture, you have to keep in mind that the durability of this type of material highly depends on the quality you choose.

In case you opt for more durable furniture, we would recommend MDF which is more resistant than chipboard. MDF represents a plate made from woodchips and glue which is pressed at very high temperature. The difference between MDF and LDF lies only in that the former is of higher density. This permits to create round corners and in this way eliminates the need to apply edgings the lack of which renders a much more elegant look. In addition to that, MDF allows us to spray-paint custom-made furniture just like you want it to be. This matters to a great extent due to the fact that there is a wide variety here as well.

This type of material can be painted any color from the RAL colour chart with a matte, glossy or semi-gloss finish or with other special effects. The quality of ICA paint (Italian) used by Primobil-Lux SRL renders MDF mechanic resistance, a pleasing look and luxurious shining.

Along with the standard materials used for furniture manufacturing, especially if we speak of kitchen furniture, it is worth looking into the type of countertop which should perfectly match its interior design of your kitchen. We should also mention that there are numerous types of kitchen worktops to choose from:

  • acrylic stone, natural stone – countertops with composition of 93% of quartz stones (Montelli, TechniStone, Samsung, Staron);
  • laminated boards (EEGGER, PFLEIDERER)