About Us

The trading company Primobil-Lux SRL (Ltd.) was set up 19 December 2003. We manufacture top-quality furniture, the fact that is proved by our customers’ testimonies, our position on the local market and by the team of professionals who work for this company.

Odată cu lansarea pe piață a primei linii de mobilier, compania a început să tindă spre perfecțiune, performanță și productivitate. Procesul de producție s-a aflat în continuă dezvoltare, fiind „actualizat” cu strunguri performante, tehnologii de ultimă generație, materiale selecte și procurarea unei secții de producere mai moderne și spațioase. De-a lungul acestei perioade de activitate, secțiile de producere a mobilierului au reușit să fie dotate cu tot echipamentul necesar pentru a obține un produs finit calitativ și orientat către cerințele clientului.

Another secret behind the quality of our products is the team of experienced designers who never stopped creating functional and personalized furniture for each customer. They have always been at our clients’ disposal in order to offer superior quality and an exclusive design at the most affordable prices.

În prezent, „Primobil-Lux” SRL se află în topul celor mai populare companii de pe piața autohtonă de producere a mobilierului. Raportul nostru PREȚ/CALITATE este cel mai competitiv și suntem gata să vă oferim o deservire impecabilă și o garanție a produselor achiziționate.

Besides, we are confident that standards have no limits and approaches have no number. Conversely, owing to the individual designing everything is possible! Whatever your preferences are, whichever style you love, we are ready to fulfil your wishes and offer your home an innovative atmosphere and pleasant interior climate.

We are a team of dynamic, loyal and reliable professionals. We are a manufacturer with an experience in furniture assembly and we do this with great passion, patience and love for decorative arts.

Compania „Primobil-Lux” SRL execută mobilier la comandă, proiectată conform dorințelor și necesităților cumpărătorilor. Aceasta ține cont de termenii stabiliți, de utilizarea în procesul de producție doar a materiei prime, de livrarea în timp util și de oferirea unei garanții pentru mobilier comandată.

Advantages of bespoke furniture:

  1. Made-to-measure furniture can be adapted to the space you have available.Here we refer to the non-standard furniture of non-standard dimensions and shapes.
  2. It may be a less expensive solutionif you decide to invest initially in accessories and material for manufacture, you will not have to often change furniture because of inferior quality of its components.
  3. Owing to the services offered by our professional designers, the furniture is going to be 100% to your liking.In this way, your home will become more personalized and have its own originality note.
  4. Made-to-measure furniture offers flexible design solutions and can be adjusted to the current home design.;
  5. It can be a good solution in case you have an idea of how the furniture you want should look like, but there is no such model on market. We can help you by coming up with a design concept as well as harmonious combination of pieces of furniture with the existing decorative elements in the interior design of your home.
  6. You can manage your budget based on your possibilities. The cost of the furniture may vary depending on the materials used for its manufacture. As a result, in case of a more pompous design you can opt for painted Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or MDF with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). For a more rustic style you might want to choose hardwood. The choice is yours. You just should know from the start the budget you are able to set up for this project.
  7. Metalwork matters Metalwork matters just as much. Here you can choose a more affordable option; by having standard fittings you may be able to opt for last-generation metalwork (e.g.: damping hinges, cargo systems and so on).. Aici puteți alege o opțiune mai economică, având furnitura standard sau puteți opta pentru o feronerie de ultimă generație (de exemplu: balamale cu amortizare, sisteme cargo, etc);
  8. Another advantage among the ones enumerated above is the good mood created by the custom furniture entourage. To design unique and personalised furniture, people put into the process a lot of effort, creativity, prowess and soul. In this way, each item of the custom-made furniture has a story behind which calls out pleasant reminisces and is able to revive your spirits.

Why is it worthwhile to become our customer?

  1. We are innovative and in constant search of new models and materials.
  2. We endeavour to maintain the level of the most affordable prices on the market.
  3. We strictly maintain the quality standards of our products and services.
  4. We are extremely meticulous in the production process in order to prevent and eliminate in due time potential shortcomings at any stage of assembly process.
  5. We are punctual when delivering furniture to your home.
  6. We continuously improve the business processes with our partners as well as the monitoring of them.
  7. Our working environment is remarkably warm and pleasant which also enables us to meet the highest standards of quality in the process of collaboration with our customers.
  8. We believe that there should be a communication link between a client and a consumer, which is the most successful trust-building factor for both of them.